La Baule and Guerande

La Baule and Guerande : La Baule and Guerande

In a range of 50 kilometres from the campsite, you will have a chance to visit such famous sites as La Baule, Guérande, Pornichet, Le Croisic, Batz-Sur-Mer, Le Pouliguen, La Turballe or Piriac-Sur-Mer. With so many cultural and natural riches, how can anyone resist the Côte d'Amour? From Le Croisic to La Baule, from Guérande to Batz-sur-Mer, with gentle breezes that are ideal for romantic walks, a crystal-clear sea, charming towns... All to be discovered less than three hours from Paris by train.

La Baule

La Baule is a marvellous and particularly famous seaside resort on the Atlantic coast. This coastal town attracts campers and holidaymakers for a swim with its vast bay facing the ocean. At the waterside, there are many restaurants and cafés to welcome visitors on their terraces. Here you can enjoy a succulent meal or a refreshing drink.

Guérande: town of Art and History

A superb medieval town, Guérande welcomes visitors in a unique atmosphere. Go through the impressive gates on the town's ramparts and walk along the cobblestone streets, admiring the superb architecture of the various houses and buildings at the heart of Guérande. Don't forget to take advantage of your visit to buy some Guérande salt, the town's speciality, appreciated by the greatest chefs.

The salt marshes of the town have also been a protected site for almost 20 years, and you can see the salt harvesting techniques used by the salt workers.

Le Croisic

The whole town of Le Croisic faces the ocean, and will welcome you during your campsite holiday for a visit on a marine theme. There are some superb walks or cycling outings to do along the Atlantic coast. The town's highlight is its superb Océarium, where a whole host of sea creatures have been brought together and can be seen in a wonderful marine atmosphere.

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